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Heshan ® food equipment can be categorized into the wheat flour instant noodle production line category and the rice-processing category in terms of noodle raw material, and fried type and hot-air dried type in terms of noodle dehydration technology; and bag type and cup/bowl type in terms of noodle shape & packing. We also make other food processing lines, pet food line and we provide instant noodle production line auxiliary equipment as well.

Heshan Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing instant noodle production line since 1998. Heshan production lines are composed of a serial of processing units, which are mainly made of SUS304 stainless steel and are running fully automatically under PLC auto-control system. Because we provide superior material quality and workmanship for a reasonable price, we have clients all over the world: from America, the U.K., the U.A.E., Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bangladesh and many other countries.

In 2005, Heshan introduced to its serials of the instant noodle production lines -  the Breakfast Cereal Production line. In the past years, this new product has become very popular.   The Corn Flakes and other Breakfast Cereal Production line will be our new focus in the New Year.

We provide Breakfast Cereal Production lines include the Corn Flakes and other Breakfast Cereal Production line,the wheat Breakfast Cereal Production line,  andthe rice Breakfast Cereal Production line.

Heshan instant noodle production lines are equipmed with the Computerized PLC automatic control system of worldwide well known brands with:

High speed PLC
Excellent human-machine interface

Flour Processing Line Rice Mill

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