Mesh Conveyor

Mesh Conveyor

Mesh Conveyor has two configurations: Modular plastic belt transport and Metalwork transport. The secluded plastic belt transport can amass into any length and width as indicated by clients' needs; it is like Modular development, which is able for associating and reconnect different modules.

Mesh: Product Description

Mesh Conveyor has two series: Modular plastic belt conveyor and Metal mesh conveyor. The modular plastic belt conveyor can be assembling into any length and width according to users' needs, it is similar to Modular construction, which is capable for connecting and reconnect various modules. It is designed to transport bulky or soft, pliable ready-packed products such as d detergent powder, wrapped tissue paper rolls, food products, personal care products and other large product. We adopt PP, PE, ACETAL and Nylon as the raw material. It works stably in the temperature between -50 ℃~100 ℃,which has reach the hygiene approval requirements of FDA and USDA. The metal mesh conveyor uses metal mesh belt as carrier, equip with chains at both sides and pin connection in the middle, the mesh belt moves in the same direction along via chains which are driven by sprockets; the chains can also directly driven by rollers, it is widely used in the processes like drying, steaming, spraying, cleaning, deep-flying, dehumidify and cooling etc.

Mesh: Parameters

Belt Size 300 ~ 800 mm

Drive Sprocket Dia 60 ~ 189 mm

Conveying belt material PP, PE, NYLON, POM

We will send Dimension Table upon request.