Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator is utilized for vertical or slanted passing on powder, granulated and little protuberance materials. Its favorable position is little size cross-sectional shape; it can make the transport framework design smaller; Hoisting statue is enormous, high fixing, and so forth. The stature of the basin lift lifting materials can achieve 80 m; regular range is under 40 m.The transmission limit under 1600 m3/h. By and large utilize the vertical tailmachine when the vertical can machine cannot fulfill the mechanical necessities, utilize tilting basin machine.

Bucket Elevator

Screw Conveyor

Screw Conveyor Description

Screw conveyor is broadly utilized substance industry, development industry, and nourishment industry, mostly used for passing on powder, granulated and little bump materials. The upsides of screw transport contrasted with other transportation hardware, it has an underlying structure, small surface size; fixed execution is great, can multipoint charging and releasing in the center, sheltered and helpful operation and low assembling cost.

GX sort screw transport have seven diverse width of 150,200,250,300,400,500,600 mm, the length is 3-70 - m, range is 0.5 m. In the earth temperature of short 20 – over 50 degrees, it can pass on materials of temperature lower than 200 degrees at under 20 degrees Angle of one-way transmission.


GX screw machine can be isolated into the head area, the center segment and the tail segment as indicated by its structure. There is the distinctive length in every part; as per the different transportation, the length can frame a whole screw machine.

There are two various types of GX screw machine as indicated by the different necessities of material events, which are strategy S and technique D:

S approach - screw with elements winding surface, the screw is equivalent to 0.8 circumstances of the distance across.

D technique - screw with belt sort winding surface, the screw amounts to the breadth.

GX screw machine as indicated by the diverse driving apparatus get together technique partitioned into right and left strategies:

Right - remain to look ahead toward the finish of the engine, low-speed shaft of the speed reducer is on the correct side of the engine

Left - remain to look ahead toward the finish of the engine, low-speed shaft of the speed reducer is on the left half of the engine

Screw Conveyor

Vertical Screw Conveyor

Passing on rule and qualities

Vertical screw conveyor(also called vertical winding carrier or wood screw), the structure guideline is as per the following: In picture 15-21, the nourishing of the vertical screw transport is for compulsory sustaining, when it's running, screw 2,4 to do the rotating movement. The passing on material will enter from level sustaining delta 1, experiences the running flat encouraging screw 2 and to be passed onto the vertical part, then to be push up to the outlet 6 for release by vertical screw 4.In picture 15-22, the bolstering of vertical screw transport is for Auto-stream sort, when the transport is working, screw 2 to do rotating movement, the material to be entered from channel 1, and to be push up to the outlet 4 for release by vertical screw 2.

At the point when the vertical screw doing the revolving with precise speed ω, the question m as the endless supply of the sharp screw edge will be taken after the pivot. In the mean time there is the radiating power on items F=mrω2, the protest under the activity of diffusive drive F, there will be three potential outcomes as underneath.

1)When a radial constraint is not as much as the grinding between the screw surface and question, the protest will dependably be rotational alongside the bolt; won't quit for the day shell, therefore difficult to be push up.

2)When diffusive constraint is more than the erosion of the screw surface and protest; the question will shut everything down shell. In any case, when the erosion amongst question and shell is insufficient to conquer the grinding amongst protest and surface of screw cutting edge, and can't beat the segment constraint. which is brought on by its particular weight and down along the surface of the screw, then protest will dependably be rotating alongside the screw as well, and difficult to be push up too;

3)When the grinding amongst question and shell is more prominent than the grating amongst protest and surface of the screw, and the segment compel brought about by its particular weight and down along the surface of the screw as well, the protest will slide with screw surface and ascending. along the other way of the winding direction, implies that protest is to push up by a vertical piece of the screw, in this way to accomplish the vertical transportation.

In this way, the rotating velocity of vertical screw shaft must be higher than an esteem which is the items can be push up (called basic speed). The passing on operation cannotcontinue; it is the principle normal for the vertical screw transport.

Nourishing of vertical screw transport must keep the considerableweight when a lesser contrast for encouraging, vertical screw transport is all outfitted with even screw sustaining. By and large, the even bolstering screw and the vertical screw will consolidate to be 1 finished transport, the measurement of the flat nourishing screw is same as the vertical screw, and the RPM of the level screw is lower than the vertical screw.

The upside of the vertical screw transport is: Simple structure, Small spatial area, Easy for impermeable transportation, cost is low. Its weaknesses arelow limit, passing on tallness is lower (Normally under 8M).

Application extend

1)Vertical screw transport is reasonable for moving on different fine and granular materials, for example, carbon dark, flour, bond, sand, grain and renewable elastic powder, and so forth.

2)Vertical screw transport is not reasonable for passing on the materials what is anything but difficult to perishable or high consistency, agglomerate, destructive.

3)Range of working temperature is inside -20~50, the temperature of the passing on material ought to be lower than 200℃.

Vertical Screw Conveyor