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Chin Chin Mixing Machine
Compound Rolling & Sheeting

Chin Chin Cutting Machine
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Chin Chin Frying Machine
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Chin Chin Sealing Machine
Accurate Multihead Weigher

Fried Chin Chin Machines

We provide Chin Chin Machine - Fried Chin Chin Snack Production Line, and Turnkey Chin Chin Making Plants. Chin Chin is a fried snack from West Africa and is nowadays very popular in many places around the world. It is a crunchy fried dough of wheat flour and some other baking ingredients. In West Africa, Chin Chin usually contains cowpeas flour, and ground nutmeg is often added for flavor. Some producers also created flavors including cinnamon, lemon, vanilla and chili pepper. HESHAN MACHINERY CO. LTD. provides the Chin Chin Snack Production Line turnkey plant that consists of highly reliable and fully automatic Chin Chin machines. Our Chin Chin Production Lines are compatible to machines that make Nigerian Chin Chin, Go-Fresh Chin Chin Mix, Cofresh Chin Chin Mix and East End Punjabi Chin Chin Mix. They can also be used to make Scandinavian snack klenat or other fried chunky snack including fried biscuit, and fried dough.

Chin Chin Production Line Unit Operation Equipment

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Chin Chin Snack (fried biscuit) Plant Specification

 Chin Chin Weight:   1-2 Grams/piece

A Technical Description Of Chin Chin Processing Machines (An Abstract)

  • 1. Chin Chin Mixer
    1) Chin Chin Mixer Structure
    Mixer is in fact a double-arm mixer, which consists of equipment body, frame, mixing shaft, cylindrical or leaf-shape agitator, discharging door,One of the Material Handling Units of Processing Line of the Chin Chin Making Machine With sensor detection.

    2) Working Principle of Chin Chin Mixer
    Double arm mixer has helix racks on its two shafts which go alternatively and continuously from the two sides, then downwards, then to the middle and then upwards.

    3) Chin Chin Tangent Mixer
    Its two agitator blades are built apart on the common tangent.

    4) Chin Chin Overlapping Mixer
    Its two agitator blades are built crosswise.

    2. Chin Chin Upright Aging Machine
    Upright Aging Machine is also called Disk-type Aging Machine or Disk-type Feeder.
  • (1) Structure of Chin Chin Disk-type Aging Machine
    It mainly contains equipment body, mixing rod, discharging device, and transmission device.

    (2) Working Principle of Chin Chin Aging Machine
    The mixing rod retains at low rotary speed. And this not only ensures even feeding, but also helps to loosen the dough and keep it in an incompact state and in particles.

    3. Chin Chin Compound Rolling Machine
    Compound rolling is a process that rolls the aged dough through multiple rollers and make it into the required dough sheet.

    4. Chin Chin Dehydrating and Frying Machine
    Basic Principle and Requirements of Chin Chin Dehydrating and Frying Dehydrating and frying is a process that fries the chin chin squares in an automatic fryer.

    5. Chin Chin Cooling Machine
    It is necessary to let chin chin go through the cooling process before packaging.

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