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Heshan® Machinery Co., Ltd. is an ISO9001 quality system certified company specializing in the research and manufacture of food machinery. Since its inception in 1998, we have been working hard to reform automatic noodle production. We pioneered the design of a fully automated operating system for instant noodle production lines, leading the industry into a new era.

Heshan's product range includes wheat flour fried and non-fried instant noodles series, fried snack chin chin machine, hot air dried noodle production line and stick noodle production line. In addition to the complete set of equipment, Heshan also provides the noodle making machine, the egg noodle making machine, the ramen noodle machine, the rice vermicelli production line using rice, potato, beans and other food grade starches as raw materials. This is a recent article written by our engineer about the making of Chin Chin with machines.

A Noodle Cooking Machine For One Of Our Projects Picture Of Our Large Scale Modern Fresh Instant Noodle Production Line - The Cooking Machine

Here are video clips hosted on this website showing how our instant noodle machines, chin chin machines, etc make fast foods and snacks automatically. The noodle making process includes dough processing, sheet rolling, noodle-cuttig and wave-forming, steaming, noodle blocks shaping, and lastly, drying. Similar processes are used to make Chin Chin, fried noodle snacks and other foods. The Heshan Chin Chin Snack Production Line is consists of a group of reliable and fully automatic Chin Chin machines. Our Chin Chin Production Lines can make Nigerian Chin Chin and products like Go-Fresh Chin Chin Mix, Cofresh Chin Chin Mix and East End Punjabi Chin Chin Mix. They can also be used to make Scandinavian snack klenat or other fried chunky snack including fried biscuit, and doughnuts. This video showes our food lines in opertion of an automatic dry noodle processing line in Germany and an automatic Chin Chin Line in Nigeria built by Heshan.

Instant Noodle and Chin Chin Machinery Videos Showcase

Heshan Machinery showcase videos are also on the Heshan Channel on YouTube:

Automatic Instant Noodle Machine & Production Line for Cupped Products
Automatic Instant Noodle Production Line for Cupped Products

Automatic Potato Bean Vermicelli Production Line
Automatic Potato and Bean Starch Vermicelli Production Line

Automatic Potato Bean Vermicelli Production Line
Heat Extruding Type Instant Vermicelli Production Line

Automatic Potato Bean Vermicelli Production Line
Automatic Fresh Lai Rice Noodle Production Line

Our automatic fresh seto powder machine, lai rice noodle production line (rice noodle machine) makes lai rice noodles, also known as Laksa rice noodles, Asam rice noodles, Laksa rice noodles,Katong Laksa rice noodles, or Udon rice noodles. Firstly the rice is soaked in the soaking tanks; and then the rice is sent to the rice noodle machine miller to prepare a rice slurry; thirdly, the slurry is extruded from the self-heated lai rice noodle machine extruder to form round shaped lai rice noodles; finally the lai noodles are cooked in a steamer, quenched in cold water after steaming and the lai noodles are ready for packaging. If you are interested in our rice noodle machine please feel free to contact us now.

About Heshan

Heshan is the major provider of Indomie noodle machines, Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur, the world's largest instant noodle manufacturer. We co-operate closely with Simens to bring the automatic production of noodles, vermicelli and pasta to a new level. We invest heavily in the manufacturing of machines and complete set of noodle machines, including noodle machines, chin chin machines, vermicelli machines, vermicelli lines, noodle maker machines, and egg noodle makers. We have established fame among our customers and we are eager to meet new friends. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our instant noodle machine, noodle maker machine, chin chin machine, fine dried noodle machine, egg noodle maker, the Indomie compatible noodle machine, or our ramen machinery.

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