Heshan Food Processing Machinery

Heshan Machinery Co., Ltd. Since 1998

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HESHAN has the honour of serving the clients with high quality food processing machines and complete set of food processing equipment. Designed and manufactured with its high professional expertise, Heshan's food processing machines are highly credited in China and overseas. Since its establishment, our achievements mostly come from the scientific management and perfect processing equipment and facilities.

We provide instant noodle machines, cooking noodle machines, rice vermicelli machines, prawn cracker machines, walnut cake machines, bean curd machines, corn flake machines as well as other food processing machines and equipment.


In the technical department, there are senior engineers and 8 assistants, we always make strict design in accordance with the planning programme so as to make HESHAN products meet the updated requirements of convenient operation, labor, energy saving and food hygiene standards.


We have a staff of 75 experienced technicians, backed by the technical department, the advanced production equipment and facilities. With the assistance and coordination from the other departments of the company, our technicians always concentrate themselves on manufacturing high quality food machines. We consider satisfying the customers' requirement our own living value, which is the company's philosophy since its establishment.


The marketing department is responsible to convey the desire of our customers to the design and manufacture of the machines, and to budget for our clients. We work hard to seek best solutions in acceptable costs for each specific project.


Our service to our clients shall not be concluded at the conclusion of each sale, but continue all the way by offering a follow-up service to the customers as from removing the machines into the customers factory, installation, test, trial run, and regular commissioned inspection.

HESHAN's engineers and technicians are always available whenever they are required to maintain the perfect working condition of HESHAN machines and to help our clients to improve the quality of their food products.

Besides, there are some other departments such as Material supply department, Financial department, working together for a desirable service to our users.



Chairman of the Board: Mr. Zhang Qin
Managing Director: Mr. Chen Zhe
Executive Director: Mr. Su Guangbing
Auditor: Ms. Chen Xiaodan
Employees: 105

Business Functions: Design, manufacturing and marketing of food processing machines and complete set of food processing equipment Incorporated: September,1998

Factory Compound: 286,000.00 sq. feet
Office: 9,850.00 sq. feet

Factory Workshops:
No.1 workshop: 44,100.00 sq. feet
No.2 workshop: 18,298.00 sq. feet
No.3 workshop: 12,917.00 sq. feet
No.3 workshop: 10,764.00 sq. feet